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Transfer your domain to FunkyCamel

You won’t regret it! We’ve made it quick and easy to move your domain over, and you’ll be able to manage your online business more effectively with your website, email and domain all in one place.

There are no risks to our domain transfer, and it’s all automated so you don’t have to lift a finger! All you need to do is get the OK from your current domain provider. Once you’ve done that, head to the control panel and relax while we do the rest!

Transfer domains from another domain registrar

Step 1

Prepare your domain name(s) for transfer.

Ensure Whois privacy [Privacy Protection or Private Registration] is disabled on the domain name.

Ensure the contact information for your domain name is up to date, as incorrect/outdated data can significantly delay the transfer process.

Unlock your domain name’s update lock and transfer lock if applicable.

Step 2

Submit and pay for your domain name transfer request.

If you have authorization code(s) (sometimes called EPP codes), enter here, during checkout, or later on.

You will be charged and your domain name will automatically be renewed for an additional year.

Configure your domain name settings during checkout and configure add-ons such as Private Registration and web hosting.

Step 3

Follow the instructions sent to you by email.

Transfers for most TLD’s usually take 5 days to complete, ccTLD’s can take longer. To expedite the transfer process, follow the approval instructions sent to you by email from your current registrar, otherwise it will usually complete automatically after 5 days.


Frequently asked questions

I currently have a domain name with another provider. Can I transfer it to FunkyCamel?

Yes! However, most domain providers will not allow you to transfer your domain until you’ve held it with them for 60 days, so check that this is the case for you first.

How do I transfer my domain to you?

You can easily transfer your domain name from the FunkyCamel control panel – just follow the simple instructions provided. If you need any extra help with transferring your domain, remember our support team will be more than happy to help you.

How long does a domain transfer to FunkyCamel take?

The length of time a transfer takes depends on the type of domain it is, and if there any restrictions in place from your current provider. Generally, a transfer can take anywhere between half an hour to 6 days.