We believe that everyone should be able to get online quickly and easily, no matter where they are in the world.

But the truth is, it’s much easier in some places than it is in others.

After discovering a lack of professional providers catering to the local markets in the UAE, FunkyCamel decided to step in and get the job done!

And now we’re helping more and more people in the Middle East start successful businesses every day.

Come and join them!


The people of the UAE are the inspiration for our brand.

There is an entrepreneurial spirit that flows through the people of the United Arab Emirates. Maybe that’s because we all watched Sheikh Zayed (RIP) bring the UAE together and make it what it is today: a booming concrete jungle, in his 38 years on the throne.

We watched him give billions away to help smaller Arab countries grow.

And that’s what inspires us to give away our knowledge to help small businesses grow.


The FunkyCamel brand was born when a bunch of techies who were crazy about the internet came together to help others realise their online dreams.

It began to grow when we became united in our passion for helping small Middle Eastern businesses get online.

We’ve built a lot of knowledge about the industry since we started in 2008. We love sharing that knowledge with our customers, to help them see success.


No matter who you are or how much knowledge you have, we believe it should be possible for you to be successful online.

It’s our priority to provide power to the business owner, while always keeping our prices affordable and our platform strong and reliable.

It’s our duty to be here for you whenever you need it, which is why we provide around the clock support.

We also want our customers to enjoy the process of getting online and have fun. That means you’re officially invited to the FunkyCamel party! Because the internet is a great place, full of amazing opportunities. And every time we help a new customer experience that, is a cause for celebration!